GreenWood are specialists in a full range of farm buildings and sheds, from barns and stables to covered yards and bridges.

Not all sheds are the same!!

At Greenwood we continue to work with our independent consultant engineers to incorporate added strength (AND improved aesthetics!) beyond the minimum Code requirements. We believe, and hundreds of our clients and builders remind us, that this is what sets a GreenWood building apart from the others. So please call and feel free to check out our offer.

Not all buildings are the same!!

Greenwood is committed to supplying very strong and very durable farm buildings: you can be assured that every GreenWood building incorporates this commitment. For example -

- Roof Bracing: We use only steel 1mm x 53mm wide roof bracing (some others use only 0.6 x 27mm)

- Steel Girt Plates: for the girt to pole fixings we use steel girt plates - avoiding the need to notch excessively into the pole, weakening the pole.

- Flashing: we use only 0.55mm flashing - not the lighter 0.4mm which many builders regard as too light and can easily buckle

-Wall Girts - take a look at the number of wall girts we use - this will keep the walls stronger and straighter

- Cladding screws: GreenWood supply 65mm long hex-head screws
not the shorter 50mm which have less hold


  • GreenWood will complete Building Consent Application form for shed on behalf of client
  • Please note some of the little things we do to make sure your shed stronger and better-braced: the benefit of these features become evident particularly after a few years.
    • Each and every GreenWood Shed is designed strictly in accordance with the NZ Building Code, your local conditions and to our independent engineer's specifications - no exceptions

Greenwood is dedicated to designing and supplying strong, durable and cost-effective farm sheds and buildings, cattle yards, sheep yards and farm bridges throughout New Zealand.

GreenWood is a privately owned company with a strong farming background. This enables us to better understand farmers’ on-farm requirements for stock management facilities.

Contact us today to discuss GreenWood farm yards), waterway crossings (GreenWood farm bridges) and farm buildings – haysheds, horse-stables, covered yards, calf sheds, implement sheds, car sheds, and many more types of buildings (GreenWood Farm Buildings).

GreenWood is Canterbury based and distributes from several locations throughout New Zealand to anywhere in New Zealand. All GreenWood products are distributed nationwide through the PGG Wrightson, Williams & Kettle or Fruit Fed networks (store locations)

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